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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I completely change and customize each printagle product ?
You have the capability to completely change and customize each product you see below.You can delete the text and the images and the background, etc.. which will allow you to start with a blank template, or simply add your own text and images to the existing templates, to get just the look you want. When you are finished ,click post to save the design to your portfolio
Can i save the magazine and complete the work another time ?
Yes,You have the capability to save the designs you create ,to save the design simply click post button and the design will be save in your portfolio, which you can edit further in later hours to complete your magazines or designs
How do I add images from editor images gallery?
Simply click and drag the images from the gallery to the editing space to use the image
Can I upload my own images from my computer or mobile devices?
Yes you can import images using "IMAGE" upload button in the editor
Can I user large size images for my design?
Yes you can upload images(each) size up-to 10MB for you design creations. Quality images will produce quality output
Do I get a PDF or high quality image(JPG) out put?
Yes, you will get the design created instantly in your order window( in your profile box)with the option to download as PDF or JPG
How can I order a design I created?
In your portfolio page you will have the option to order the design your created
What is the delay to get my design I ordered?
There is absolutely no delay in getting the design you ordered, the designs you create will be reproduced to 300DPI instantly and will be available in you order page for download
What is the quality of the design I create?
Printangle will produce a 300Dpi printable output instantly after you order a product , which is ready for printing, We recommend the users to use high quality images for their design creations


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